United Planets Space Command




United States Countries and United Earth Space Command


Emergency Military, Controlled Democracy

Planets and Colonies

  • Earth
  • Luna
  • Mars
  • Jupiter and Moons
  • Saturn and Moons
  • Scitia and Moon
  • New Athens and Moon
  • Kratan
  • Malathion
  • Kantara and Moon
  • Ondar IV and Moon
  • Monotron Prime
  • Troltin
  • Tecton VI
  • Tratiss and Moon
  • New Sparta and Moons
  • Trandelle and Moon
  • New Marathon and Moons
  • Klatonia and Moons
  • Aqautica and Moons
  • New Herculineum and Moon
  • Atlantea and Moon
  • Drayton
  • Gantora and Moons
  • Zaptura
  • Patara and Otara
  • Dustil
  • Ghoul and Moons
  • Gildon and Moon
  • Elysium and Moon
  • Zioth


Free Currency, Referred to as "Credits"

Major Exports and Inports

  • New Marathonian Hydrogen
  • Elysian Hydrogen
  • Klatonian Hydrogen
  • Monotronian Inactive Antimatter
  • Tectonium Metal Alloy
  • Dustilian Metal Alloy
  • Gildonian Metal Alloy

Colonization Bursts

  • 2060-2110
  • 2205-2215
  • 2222-2242
  • 2252-2267
  • 2283
  • 2302
  • 2337-2341
  • 2367-2396
  • 2405-2411
  • 2446-????

FTL Travel Method

Space Bender FTL Drive


  • Energy Cell Weaponry
  • Magnetically Accelerated Rail Cannon
  • Antimatter Fusion Reactors
  • Plasma Window
  • Particle Beams and Terrapavers
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Space Elevators
  • Orbital Rings
  • Mega Strip Mines

Length of Reign Over Orion Arm


The United Planets Space Command has been in control of the government for over 300 years with high approval ratings for all Presidents. It is responsible for the colonization of worlds, expansion of humanity, and development of new technologies. Originally founded in 2137, after the 1st Interplanetary War, it was decided without a united government, we would not make it out of Solar Cradle. After the United Communist Coalition surrendered and the United Rebel Coalition disipated, the UPSC rose from the ashes. It began by fully colonizing Mars and the Jovian Moons, in 2199 the UPSC developed a way to travel between the stars using the Space Bender Faster-Than-Light Drive. In 2200, the first line of colony ships were sent on there journies, they were sent to these systems: Groombridge 34, Alpha Centauri, Proxima Centauri, 61 Cygni, LHS-288, and Kruger 60. Each Colony Ship carried 2 Million People and 4 Million randomized Auto-growing embryos. Each ship had 1 Million Men, and 1 Million Women, rounding out in 1 Million Couples with 4 Children of 5 to 15 years old when they arrived on their designated planet. When the Ships landed on the Planets, they were converted into Cities. After Colonization Bursts, things would settle down and society would face inward and build itself up for the next C-Burst. Over the C-Bursts, FTL Technology was improved drastically, in started as 1 Year per Lightyear, over 5 C-Bursts, it became 1 Month Per Light Year and then 1 Week per Lightyear. Then 1 Day per Lightyear and on to 1 Hour Per Lightyear. It soon went on to the Colonization of almost every Planet within 20 Lightyears of Earth.


New HorizonsEdit

  The simple atomic NERVA-type engines of the 1950's were extremely 'dirty',  which is why they were never trusted to launch payloads out of earth orbit.   What was not realized at the time was that the possibility existed to not  only clean the exhaust up before it could do damage to the planet, but in  doing so, to decrease the apparent mass of the vehicle itself. By the dawn of  the 21st Century, the United States had classified vehicles that used what  was termed the 'Biefeld-Brown Effect'.  By charging the nuclear plasma with a high energy negative charge, it was  found that one could reduce the ship's mass, from the original 10% for the  early models, to considerably beyond a 90% reduction. This saved greatly on  propellant requirements, and the ionic plasma that resulted was capable of  being separated in the combustion chamber. The radioactive particles thus  captured could then be utilized in a secondary nuclear reaction designed to  power the ship's onboard electronic and electrical needs. The process meant  having to 'sanitize' the ship at regular intervals, usually about every 2-1/2  years when operating on a regular interplanetary route.  These ships are actually capable of a continuous thrust of up to 6.5 'G's',  but this is hard on the crew and not usually necessary. A simple 1 G  accelleraton will get you anywhere in the solar system within a month anyway. These ships are designed with a vertical orientation, meaning they're more  like skyscrapers than bungalows. The 'wings' can be used in atmosphere, but  their main purpose is to radiate heat generated by the ship. They also carry  the positive charge needed to complete the Biefeld-Brown Effect of the drive  plasma.  

Colonization BeginsEdit




Governmental ControlEdit