UNSC Air Craft Frigate
UPSC Aircraft Carrier-Class Ship



Troop Capacity



  • MARC Guns (1)
  • M12 Missile Pods (60)
  • M65 Rail Gun Turrets (18)
  • X45 Torpedo Pods (22)
  • M80 Heavy Rail Gun Turrets (4)

Hangar Bays

  • Total: 7
  • Large: 1
  • Small: 6


  • Rhino Jeeps (300)
  • Meerkat Motorcycles (800
  • Hippo Tanks (200)
  • Sparrow Hawk Drop Ships (200)
  • Condor Gunships (80)
  • Crane Strike Fighters (120)


  • Length: 6000 Ft.
  • Width: 2400 Ft.
  • Height/Depth: 2600 Ft.

This ship is often employed deployed during heavy aircraft engagements when the other ships are being overpowered. When this ship enters the fight, the fight ends. It is able to deploy a large amount of ships in a short time. In an engagement with the United Rebel Coalition over New Athens, 3 of these ships were deployed, they put up a good fight but they were all destroyed due to the underestimated URC Fleet Size. This ship is used almost commercially in engagements over New Sparta. Over 400 of these ships have been constructed and are only used in special situations. It is an Aircraft Carrier and an Anti-Aircraft Battery simultaneously, This ship has a large amount of Rail Gun emplacements and has 4 Large Anti-Aircraft guns on its Hangar Platform.