The technology tiers help classify different civilizatiions. There are 10 different Tiers, all civilizatiions start at Tier 1 (unless assisted by an outside force). For Example, Humanity's Tier level in the 1900's was level 3: Industrial. By the 2400's, they had risen to Tier 5: Space Faring, They rose this fast due to the Precusror Artifacts they found along the way. The Dreds have been at Tier 6: Cosmic Explorers for over 6000 years, they had urge to advance at all, they just scavengend Precursor Ships and Ruins. The Precursors had reached Tier 10: Intergalactic all on their own, no other advanced had helped them achieve their place. They were the first succesful race in the Galaxy, though Humanity is the Heir.

Tier 1: Stone AgeEdit

This is the Tier that most civilizations start out on. This is usually prehistoric and very little cultural development. Most civilizations at this satge are Hunter-Gatherers, Humanity started out here and advanced very quickly. Some civilizations die at this stage and never make it past this age.

Tier 2: Pre-IndustrialEdit

During this Tier alot of cultural and technological development occurs. Humanity was at Tier 2 from 3000 B.C.E. to 1900 A.D., this when most discovery of terrestrial worlds occur through the usage of low-power telescopes. Much philosiphy occurs during this age, this Tier tends to be more on focusing inward, to the soul.

Tier 3: IndustrialEdit

This age is the age most focused on Industry, Technology, and Buisness. This age for Humanity occured in 1900 A.D. to 1969 A.D., this often the shortest Tier to accomplish. Most medical advancement happens durig this age, so does weaponry. The Atomic Bomb was configured during Humanity's time in this Tier, a very grave mistake on Dr. Alfred Einstein's part.

Tier 4: Space ObserversEdit

When Humanity first set foot on the Moon in 1969 A.D., everyone everywhere was awe-inspired by these words "One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind." In this Tier, a usual space race begins between 2 or more Factions. Most advancements in Rocketry and Physics happens during this Tier.

Tier 5: Space FaringEdit

This Tier is accomplished once a civilization has gained a steady foothold in space. This Tier is often sped up by demand for a larger population center, most terraformation efforts are expanded here. For Humanity, Luna was first. Mars was second and the Jovian Moons were third. Most advances in large scale goverments occur in this Tier.

Tier 6: Cosmic ExplorersEdit

Tier 7: Space GovernorsEdit

Tier 8: Cosmic ConquerorsEdit

Tier 9: Superluminal SpeciesEdit

Tier 10: Non-CorporealEdit

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