870 Million

Solar Position

4, Cool Zone

Technology Tier



United Planets Space Command

FTL Coordinates

Mars-Sol (M-S)

Notable Events

  • Terraformation
  • Discovery of Martian Ore and Ruins
  • Olympus Mons Campaigns
  • 1st Interplanetary War
Mars was once the distant, red ball that Humanity thought housed 4 foot tall green men, now it is home to Humanity. When it was terraformed in 2065, a large portion of Earth's population was moved here to mine the only Green thing on it's surface: Martian Ore. Martian Ore was used as fuel for the entire Earth Fleet, while Hydrogen was used for commercial fuel in cars, planes, and boats.

After Martian Ore deposites dried up in the late 23rd Century, Inactive Antimatter was used as the major Starship fuel. Mars was not only known for it's Ore, also it's mysterious Martian Ruins. The ruins include 2 Faces with Obelisks surrounding them, several empty Temples and Spires, and a Mysterious crashed ship. The some 2 Billion people living on Mars left for the Jovian Moons after the Ore dried up, leaving it's population down to 870 Million by 2445.